Instagram is an ideal platform for a variety of marketing methods because of its extraordinarily high interaction rate and huge user base for Instagram ads. You can get a sense of how huge Instagram is by looking at the statistics below.

According to Oberlo’s research findings:

  • Instagram has more than 1 billion active users, which is 4 times more interaction than Facebook.
  • 71% of the user base is made up of young adults.
  • On the platform, users spend 53 minutes a day on average.
  • On the platform, 83% of users claim to have found a new good or service.
  • At least one business is followed by half of the users.

So, one Instagram ad is 1000 times more solid than a regular social media ad. But how you have to do it, is an art. So, we, Edot solution, the artists, are elaborating here on the art of giving Instagram ads so that you can get the maximum value.

Change to a professional profile for Instagram ads:

You should change your Instagram profile to a business profile as soon as possible. Here is a quick instruction on how to accomplish it; it’s quite simple and won’t even take more than 30 seconds.

With a business profile, you can access Facebook Ads Manager, the real advertising platform, as well as analytics about your audience. Once you make the change, other users will notice a ‘title’ next to your name.

Your professional profile should like this:

Instagram Ads For Real Estate Business

Possess a strong bio:

A well-written bio is crucial for two different reasons: first, it presents as much more professional. 

Second, in order to decide whether to interact, the majority of consumers want vital information about you immediately. Your potential clients will be lost if your bio is toothless.

Maintain a clear, concise, and readable style. Make sure you incorporate:

  • The full name you
  • If you are a member of a real estate team, please provide their name.
  • Name of your brokerage
  • License Number Honors and Recognition
  • A YouTube video describing your mission or a link to your website

Add buttons for action:

Instagram enables action buttons on company accounts, allowing customers to engage with your brand. With these in place, customers will find it much easier to get in touch with you or make an appointment because everything takes place inside the app.

Simply go to your profile, select Edit Profile, then click Contact Options under Public Business Information to add an action button.

Make Your Listings Visible:

The top Instagram marketing method for real estate is to feature your current listings in your feed to create a type of “listings magazine.”

Up to 10 images may be uploaded to each post, which is ideal for showcasing a home’s best characteristics. There are a few filters you might want to experiment with, but keeping images as real as possible is usually a good idea.

Your listings must be like this:

Instagram Ads

Use Instagram Ads Stories and Highlights to Draw Attention to Your Listings:

15-second Instagram ads or photos can be featured for 24 hours as part of the Instagram Story feature. After that, the story is archived (be sure the option is switched on!). A day might have several tales. Consider it the visual equivalent of the spontaneous status updates on Facebook and Twitter.

Instagram Highlights are a selection of up to 100 of your favorite recent or old Instagram Stories.

The conclusion:

By this point, it ought to be obvious that advertising services on Instagram make perfect sense. Remember that the methods described above represent just a small portion. The platform’s vast user base and sophisticated visual elements make the marketing opportunities essentially limitless.  

Don’t miss our informative posts about all of our excellent and free stuff. We often provide helpful tutorials and articles. Also, if you want, you can connect with Edot to make your great Instagram business profile with a lot more social media marketing strategies to assist you with more benefits. 

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