One-stop Real Estate Digital Marketing Solutions to Wing Your Business, A Full-service real estate digital marketing agency based in Kolkata

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A Full-service real estate digital marketing agency based in Kolkata

Edot, India’s premier real estate digital marketing firm, redefines success in the property market. With a passion for innovation and 12 years of expertise, we transform real estate businesses into digital powerhouses. We understand the nuances of the Indian real estate landscape, enabling us to deliver tailored solutions that drive growth. Edot’s commitment to excellence and client success sets us apart. Your journey to the top begins with Edot.
With years of experience exclusively in real estate online marketing, we understand the unique challenges and opportunities within the real estate industry.
Our data-backed solutions guarantee your property listings not just visibility but also measurable ROI and growth.
We harness the power of SEO, social media, PPC, the latest online tools, and viral marketing
Both our marketing strategies and individual properties are unique. We, the real estate digital marketing company, create bespoke campaigns to suit your business goals
Edot Solutions Kolkata

Our Work Process


We begin each project with a sustainability assessment to identify opportunities for reducing our client’s excess budget. We draw our roadmap only according to the client’s budget.

Modern Technology

We offer the most updated and latest online marketing tools to get the best results in the campaigns. We also provide drone services to build better corporate image.

Latest Designs

We create the industry-best designs for our client's website, SMM, and other profiles. We are open to implementing new things, so we prioritize our client’s feedback in designs.

Project On Time

We implement a robust project management system to ensure projects are completed on time. We have a separate segment to monitor every project’s timing and quality.

What We Do

We are the one-stop skyway for a collab of real estate online marketing Bengal, India and branding.

With E-dot’s top digital solutions, experience excellence in real estate. Our top real estate digital marketing firm in West Bengal, India compensates for dominating marketing solutions, which include smart contract management, the latest SEO optimization, and immersive video marketing tours, enabling smooth property transfers. Utilize E-dot’s extensive real estate digital marketing services near me with digital tools to advance your industry with creativity and precision.

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