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Your company’s brand is dynamic and breathing with its own unique personality. And in order to express itself, it needs a social media presence, just like the other 4.48 billion entities (social media users). The top real estate social media marketing firm, Edot, will give your brand the personality and voice it requires to connect with a potential audience.

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Our top real estate social media team is made up of highly skilled and talented individuals with a variety of specializations, including design, copywriting, and sponsored advertisements. We make sure that our clients receive a personalized experience as part of our dedication to maximum transparency and delivering company owners maximum ROI. We manage your brand’s social media accounts and give it the scalability it needs across Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and other platforms.

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Handful Revenue with the top-notch SMM service

Edot’s Social Media Marketing service empowers property developers to significantly boost revenue by leveraging the full potential of social media platforms. Through strategic content creation, targeted audience engagement, and data-driven analytics, we ensure real estate developers can showcase their properties to a wider audience, build brand authority, and establish trust. Our service not only increases online visibility but also nurtures leads and conversions, ultimately driving revenue growth.

Your Winning Team of Certified Social Media Marketing Experts!

Meet the winning team at Edot, where our certified Social Media Marketing experts combine their industry-oriented skills and creative genius to deliver unmatched results. From crafting compelling content to strategic campaign management, we harness the power of social media to drive your brand to new heights. With Edot, success is not just a goal, it’s a guarantee!

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How we can deliver you the top real estate SMM results

Our Data-Driven Marketing

Edot employs a data-driven approach to social media marketing. We analyze extensive market research and user behavior data to develop targeted strategies. This enables us to identify the right platforms, content types, and posting schedules to reach the client's specific audience effectively.

Proper engagement and interaction

Edot prioritizes engagement and interaction with the audience. We create content that resonates with users, encourages likes, shares, comments, and other forms of interaction. This not only boosts the client's online presence but also helps build brand loyalty and trust.

Power of Storytelling

We understand the importance of crafting compelling narratives that align with the real estate’s brand values and objectives. Through captivating storytelling, Edot not only captures the audience's attention but also effectively communicates the client's message. This approach humanizes the brand

Why SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING services bring in the numbers


More Exposure : Property developers in partnership with Ladverts have seen their brand exposure rocket skyward by 70% across all social platforms. For you, seven out of ten potential customers recognise your brand. Fancy being the household name in property development, anyone?


Increased Traffic : Getting more eyes on your properties is a game of strategic content placement. Ladverts has mastered this to perfection. With our expertise, 99% of our clients have noted increased traffic, pointedly to their websites and property listings. Imagine the potential for conversions!


Engagement Enhancement Conversation is crucial to customer engagement on social media. With our expert strategies, we’ve seen a whopping 91% increase in customer engagement for our clients. We believe in turning your social media platforms into bustling marketplaces with prospective property buyers and investors.

FAQs of Real estate SMM Services

Social media marketing offers real estate professionals a platform to connect with a wider audience, showcase property listings with engaging content, build brand awareness, and generate leads. It also allows for targeted advertising, analytics, and real-time communication with potential buyers or sellers.

The choice of social media platforms depends on the target audience and marketing goals. However, platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube are commonly used in real estate marketing due to their visual nature and wide user base.

Visual content is highly effective in real estate marketing. This includes high-quality photos, 360-degree virtual tours, video walkthroughs, and drone footage of properties. Additionally, educational content such as blog posts, infographics, and market updates can help establish expertise and engage the audience.

  • Keyword research
  • On-page optimization
  • Local SEO
  • Content marketing
  • Backlink building
  • User experience (UX)

Lead generation on social media can be achieved through various strategies, including targeted advertising, hosting virtual open houses, offering downloadable resources like e-books or guides, running contests, and engaging in conversations with potential clients through direct messaging.

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